Ender Gallery is an exhibition space and artist residency that exists inside the game Minecraft.

About the residency

Partnering with the MacKenzie Art Gallery and curated by Sarah Friend, Cat Bluemke, and Jonathan Carroll, Ender Gallery is excited to host our first run of programming! We have four residencies planned for 2021, featuring Cat Haines, Simon M. Benedict, Huidi Xiang, and Travess Smalley.

Upcoming Events

Screenshot of the large-scale entrance to the art gallery/reconstruction of Haines's vulva and vagina in Minecraft

Open Studio : April 15 7:00 pm CST (6:00 pm EST, 3:00 am CEST)

On April 15, join Cat Haines and a special guest, Evie Ruddy, for a livestreamed open studio event where they will engage in an intimate conversation inside Haines’ Minecraft exhibit. Drawing on their art practices and scholarly work, Cat Haines and Evie Ruddy will discuss transfeminist and bodily interventions into second wave feminist theory, how each conceives of audience in their work, ways of disrupting cisnormative visual logics, and the role of affect in relation to desire.

We will stream simulataneously to Haines’s personal twitch, and the Mackenzie Art Gallery’s social media, including its Facebook, YouTube and Twitch accounts!

Evie Ruddy (they/them) (@eviejohnny) is a socially engaged digital storyteller and PhD student in Cultural Mediations at Carleton University. As a PhD Fellow with Carleton’s Transgender Media Lab, Evie is helping to develop an online database of audiovisual works made by transgender, non-binary, Two Spirit, intersex, and gender non-conforming filmmakers. Evie is also researching the ethics of documenting trans bodies. They are particularly interested in the role of improvisation for fostering productive spaces for trans collaborators to exercise agency over how they are represented.

Past Events

Open Studio : March 31 7:00 pm CST (6:00 pm EST, 3:00 am CEST)

Ender Gallery is pleased to invite you to join our first public event! On International Trans Day of Visibility (Wednesday, March 31), join current resident Cat Haines and the Ender curators for a livestreamed open studio event where Haines will discuss her work in progress.

Current Resident

Screenshot of the Minecraft avatar of Cat Haines standing in front of a large trans flag built in Minecraft

Cat Haines (she/her) is a white genderqueer trans woman and dyke living on Treaty 4 Territory in Regina, SK. When she isn’t playing Minecraft, Cat can be found pursuing a Master’s degree in Women and Gender Studies at the University of Regina, with a thesis focusing on transmisogyny. Cat’s artistic and academic projects often center and explore her gender, body, and subjectivities through queer, trans, and autotheoretical lenses.

Throughout her residency, Cat will be exploring the public consumption of trans women’s bodies and genitals through a large scale Minecraft installation of her surgically constructed vagina and vulva. The project is meant to act as an ironic transfeminist intervention into the oftentimes cissexist construction of womanhood through feminist pussy art, as well as explore the possibility of queer and trans intimacies in digital spaces.


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