Ender Gallery is an exhibition space and artist residency that exists inside the game Minecraft.

About the residency

Partnering with the MacKenzie Art Gallery and curated by Sarah Friend, Cat Bluemke, and Jonathan Carroll, Ender Gallery is excited to host our first run of programming: We have four residencies planned for 2021. Each residency will be 2 months long, followed by a two month exhibition period and will pay an artist fee of 1600 CAD.

Available residency periods are Mar-Apr, May-Jun, Jul-Aug, and Sept-Oct. Each resident will create an artwork/installation during that residency period that will be hosted on our server in a two-month public exhibition. Each exhibition will have one hosted opening, but can optionally include other events, such as performances or exhibition tours.

The emergent possibilities within Minecraft are arguably as rich as some game engines, making it an exciting yet underexplored artistic medium. The possibilities include creating custom textures, shaders, maps, mods, minigames, live performance, and video works. While we encourage applicants to research these possibilities prior to submitting their proposal, the residency is open to applicants from outside the existing game community. The Ender gallery curatorial team will be available during the residency period to provide technical support and virtual studio visits.

While we love beautiful builds, we are interested especially in proposals that extend the possibilities of play, that bring elements from outside the game world to bear, or that consider the game as an expressive medium. The call is open to video, media, game, and performance artists who are interested in pushing the medium’s potential. For this residency tranche, we are particularly interested in proposals exploring Indigenous sovereignty, storytelling, simulation, colonialism, alternative economies, materiality, fandom, and digital ontologies - but we look forward to being surprised.

We’re also excited to share that we’ll be part of the 2021 programming of A MAZE, an international festival focusing on arthouse games and playful media, this July! The first two residents will have the opportunity to participate in a panel discussing their work, and the gallery will host exhibition walkthroughs on the A MAZE live stream this Summer (with a follow-up for our second two residents in 2022!)

To Apply

Please email the following to info@ender.gallery by midnight Jan 31, 2021 CST (GMT-6)

Ender Gallery and the MacKenzie Art Gallery are committed to maintaining an inclusive community that welcomes applications from persons of all genders, races, ages, and abilities. We are excited to read your proposals!


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