Ender Gallery is an exhibition space and artist residency that exists inside the game Minecraft. Throughout 2021, we hosted four residencies and exhibitions, featuring artists Cat Haines, Simon M. Benedict, Huidi Xiang, and Travess Smalley.

A retrospective text about the four exhibitions is published on BlackFlash Expanded and there is photo documentation on our instagram. We are also pleased to release our 2021 Resource Pack Pack.

Resource Pack Pack

As a form of of documentation, we’re releasing the custom resource packs created by the four Ender Gallery residents as one bundle: a resource pack pack. If you download the pack, you can view any of these assets into your local Minecraft games. Here is a tutorial on how to install them

A cube-shaped Minecraft block, skinned as grass but with the textures in the wrong alignment

About us

Partnering with the MacKenzie Art Gallery and curated by Sarah Friend, Cat Bluemke, and Jonathan Carroll.


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